The Solar Asset Management conference series is a global range of events fully dedicated to Operations & Maintenance, Asset Management and all other technical and financial topics in the operational phase of solar plants and portfolios.

With highly successful editions in North America, Europe and Asia, the series is establishing an important position around the world, following the maturation of international Solar Markets. 

Solar Asset Management Event Timeline

Solar O&M Europe 2013




Solar O&M North America 2014

Solar O&M Europe 2014

Solar Asset Management North America 2015

Solar Asset Management Asia 2015


Solar Asset Management Europe 2015

Solar Asset Management Europe 2015
Learn more about Solar Asset Management Europe 2015 by downloading the Post-Show Report.

Attending Companies
Participant Testimonials

"Highly specialized and therefore a high-return event. Excellent networking opportunity. The programme allows sufficient time for exhibitors to talk to conference participants as well.”
Hukseflux Thermal Sensors
Account Manager

“A great occasion to join some of the most important influences of the PV community nowadays, perfect ‘plaza’ to share ideas and to shake hands opening new potential opportunities."
BaxEnergy GmbH
O&M Regional Manager

"Initiative, Inspiring future generations of the renewable sector by building networks with like-minded people.”
Lightsource Renewable Energy
Business development PV

“Real positive business spirit, powered by accurate presentations and skilled speakers, followed by a Swiss clock like organization.”
Senior Director of Engineering and Project Operations

"A great networking and business opportunity organized by a well know and established firm with skilled and talented professionals; excellent chance to meet with key industry players.”
Senior Portfolio Manager

“Unmissable event for solar industry professionals. Excellent occasion to meet top players and exchange views, strategies and learnings in a friendly atmosphere.”
Foresight Group
Head of Service

"The Solar Asset Management Europe is the ideal place to meet O&M Specialists, Financial Managers, Owners and Monitoring Suppliers at the same time and understand the different needs of the different parties.”
Skytron energy GmbH
Business Development Manager

“As always a very good opportunity to touch base with the principal international players of the Solar sector and with the relevant best practices."
Head of Asset management

“The most comprehensive PV AM conference in existence."
Glennmont Partners